Nepali Agency in Dubai

We are an international, HR advisory and recruitment agency. Proud of our customized HR interventions and services, we also offer headhunting and executive recruitment to a select portfolio of companies globally and in UAE. The team are all HR specialists and highly dedicated to meet your requirement. What we aim to do each day is provide something truly special with our service: passion and sincerity. As a collective of like-minded professionals, we consistently work towards maintaining long term relationships with our clients and candidates and building on conscious business relationships. We profile and identify with every candidate and client, diverse in our approach and with a flexible design to empower clients in creating a workplace of excellence.

We will find you the right employees to guarantee your business’ success. Using our extensive international networks, we can head hunt and find that perfect person to join your team and guarantee your company's longevity. We appreciate the limited time available to decision makers and managers and we are offering to take away the overload of admin-heavy work when it comes to advertising and sourcing eligible candidates for vacancies. We will advertise, screen and interview for you. You will then receive a short list of potential candidates ready and primed for interview. No fee to pay until we find you that perfect recruit. Advice and consultancy is free. We , believe in transparent, cutting edge HR and Recruitment with defined parameters and clear job specs, fair conditions for all and above all we are tenacious in our approach and spirit, so we will not stop until we recruit for you that ideal candidate.

United Arab Emirates has become a dream of Nepali workers to secure their future. We have plenty of Nepalese workers visiting UAE with tourist visas  and seek for the job. Nepali workers have earned the highest image of being loyal, honest and hard working personality globally , specially in the Gulf regions , UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More than 300000 Nepali workers are currently working in the UAE, Many multinational company’s first preferred workers are Nepali workers, Specially for the  Security job, FM job , Retail and hotel job. 

Expertise Group Human Resources Consultancy LLC is owned by a Nepali businessman with his own office in Nepal, named Naukri Nepal Recruitment Services ( It means if you are taking Nepali workers from Expertise Group that means you are dealing with a direct company in Nepal , who has a company in the UAE and their team is always available to meet you even after the deployment of candidates. Hence, if you are looking for best Nepali agency in Dubai , UAE, Please do contact us . 


Expertise Group has made a huge name in the market of Nepali agencies in Dubai. As your business grows and changes, your in-house recruiters may need to conduct complex interviews for a range of positions they are not necessarily familiar with.


Agencies have staff that specialises in recruiting dedicated to one sector or vertical. As a result, we often have a better knowledge of technical jobs and the skills needed for them. We also have the expertise to spot transferable skills relevant to your job opening that others in your company may miss.


At Expertise Group, the finest Nepali agencies in Dubai, we have teams of recruiters dedicated to a range of disciplines. Such as construction, oil & gas, renewable energy, chemicals, mining, technology, and power industries. Our depth of knowledge and expertise makes fulfilling your latest jobs a breeze.


Most of the work a recruiter does happens before any potential compensation comes from our client. If no candidate is hired, no fees will be charged for work done. If an agency is unable to successfully assist your business, then there is nothing to pay.


This ensures our services, resources, and expertise focus on providing you with the best possible candidates to support your business growth plans those whose dream job is working for you.